Community Congregational United Church of Christ

Los Alamitos. We are the small church with a large name.



When we first began meeting in a sugar beet factory in 1896, our church was the only church in the community. That is why our first name was “Community Church”.



Time passed, and Community Church joined the Congregational Churches of America. The Congregational Churches were organized when the Pilgrims of Plymouth Plantation (thus Mayflower Preschool) and the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony united. These ancestors not only sought freedom of religion, but they supported the abolitionist movement, and built schools (Harvard) to educate the community. To this day, the UCC is a progressive, informed denomination that is on the forefront of issues of social justice.


United Church of Christ

Many of the Congregational Churches voted to form the United Church of Christ in 1957. Along with 3 other denominations, Christian, Evangelical, Reformed, the

United Church of Christ was born....our motto “that they

may all be one” says it all.


Of Los Alamitos

We are still here! As more people settled into Orange County, this wild west town grew into a fine community. More churches were built. More choices became available to people seeking a church home. Yet, to this day, Community Congregational United Church of Christ of Los Alamitos (CCUCC), provides a progressive, informed, thoughtful choice for those who are seeking God, wanting to include

all, and wishing to serve others.

Open & Affirming

In 1994 with the help of the Interfaith Coalition for Affirmation and our

sister church, First Congregational Church of Long Beach, Community Congregational UCC began the discernment path to welcome all into our

midst. The result of which was our congregation voting to become an Open

and Affirming church.  As an Open and Affirming church we have publicly and specifically declared that those of all “sexual orientations, gender identities,

and gender expressions” (or “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender” people) are welcome in our  full life and ministry (e.g. membership, leadership, employment, etc.).


Since our decision to become Open and Affirming, CCUCC has welcomed couples who wished to have their commitment ceremonies conducted within the life of the church. In light of the recent Supreme Court decisions concerning DOMA and Prop. 8, CCUCC will be honored to perform all marriage ceremonies, no matter the gender or sexual orientation of the couple.

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We Seek God.

Include All. Serve Others.

And Work for Justice.